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Suppliers, suppliers, suppliers!!

I have seen sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo many gorgeous items this week it is unreal. Most of these stunning pieces will soon be available on my website!!! It’s getting very serious now and every minute of spare time is spent chipping away at the work that is mounting up. This isn’t easy when in the midst of baptism preparations, with 40 guests to entertain at the weekend!

I know how to add to the workload don’t I!!



More and more suppliers are getting in touch every day!! Means more work for me, uploading images of the products and write-ups to, well, write…but I’m still loving it so surely this is a good sign!

Maybe shouldn’t spend as much time blogging right now…much to be getting on with!


Moving quickly on…

Research, research, research…uploading product images and descriptions…chatting to suppliers…more research, more uploading, more chatting, researchuploadingchattingresearchuploadingchatting……on and on and on BUT I LOVE IT!!!!!

Crooked Angels Bridal is really coming together now! My dream is taking shape, the essential parts of Crooked Angels are pulling together! I have communicated with so many friendly people – it’s like a whole new world! (No, not Disney related).

I keep finding more products perfect for the dream…keep them coming!!!!!!!