Originally founded in January 2010 as a small e-commerce business specialising in beautiful shoes, sparkly jewellery and alternative accessories for the bride-to-be, the Director, General Manager, Senior Administrator, Web Content Creative/SEO Writer & Editor, Sales Account Manager, Customer Services Manager, Accounts Manager and General Dogsbody/Teamaker/Biscuit and Salt ‘n’ Vinegar Crisp Fetcher, Carina Alcock, got married to her beau in August 2012, moved to Qatar in the Middle East and had to put Crooked Angels Bridal on the back burner for a little insy bit of a while while she decided what to do with all her hard work.

Scroll forward to, well, now and TAA DAA!!

Here we be!

Crooked Angels Bridal is now a fandabbydosey new blog!

She (yes, I will refer to her in the female form, it’s is just the way it is, get over it, quickly) will be jam packed to the edges of your screens with all things I love about weddings, wedding planning, engagements (just so I can have my diamond fix), and whatever else I decide to ram into your unsuspecting faces.


Because I love weddings. It is as simple as that!



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