Facebook Day 2

Things are looking up, up, up!! Seems to me that I have lots of lovely friends and family who are willing to support me with the business start-up which is really important in my eyes. So thank you everyone so far!

Well, progress with the website is ticking along nicely. I’ve added sparkly tiaras, bracelets, necklaces and hair accessories, and have also added some really cute gift items too. I have created a new Crooked Angels Cheeky Children area for all things baby and toddler which will have beautiful little shoes and playthings for them – not entirely wedding related but they could be gifts to keep them quiet throughout the important speeches! I’ve also added written content to the site – About Us, News, Contact Details, FAQs and the dreaded T&Cs and Privacy Policy so it really is all systems go.

I’ve got a launch date in mind but it is something that really needs discussing with my Web Designer as he is the person who holds the cards in his hands. He really is doing such a fantastic job – his work is ultra professional and I cannot sing his praises highly enough. Find him at www.walesdesign.com - you really won’t be disappointed! After only one phone call at the beginning of January we had a logo design between us – I gave Kevin my ideas and he created what I wanted. He listened to my specifications when the designs weren’t quite what I had in mind and together we came up with the logo you see today! Et Voila!

Every spare minute of my time is being used getting Crooked Angels up and running…but I want to push it further. I want to be up and FLYING!!!! Although this is only the start, I’m getting used to how much time I am going to have to dedicate to Crooked Angels and am quickly learning that running a business from home will be far from easy…especially with young children in the house! The sooner I can get a quiet area in the house set up for times when I need to use the computer in peace and quiet the better…it comes with time though, and that is fast running out!


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